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Apr 17, 2012

Roots Run Deep gets its third five-star review!

My fantasy novel Roots Run Deep has received its third five-star review. Under the title "Can't We All Just Get Along?" reviewer Antony Chow writes:

"Runs Run Deep is an original story where goblins live in a section of a human kingdom, as despised slaves and servants. Kip Itxaron is a goblin mage who lives in destitute on the Reservation, where goblinkin live.

"Kip's world is turned upside down when she takes on a job helping some humans cross a river and into elven territory. When she discovers that the deposed King Roderick is among the refugees she becomes embroiled in a fight amongst two brothers for control over the human kingdom.

"Putting aside her hatred for humans, Kip is forced to choose the lesser of two evils. That means an alliance with Roderick and help him regain his kingdom. In the process, Kip becomes the General over the goblin army and learns what it means to rule.

"The author sets up two conflicts nicely: the human-goblinkin and the intragoblin. These plots are resolved to my satisfaction and I commend the author on this refreshingly original fantasy novel."

A good review always makes my day!