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May 18, 2011

Coprolites: the fascinating story of ancient poop

Today I'm wearing my archaeology hat over at Alex Cavanaugh's blog and writing about Viking poop. No, really! You can learn a lot from paleofeces, or coprolites as we prefer to call them. So come on over and join the serious, scientific discussion. Well, sort of serious.


  1. I enjoyed your post over at Alex's. Good luck with your book. I'll look for it.

  2. Popping over from Alex's. Good to meet you, AJ. Congrats on the novel! All success to you.

  3. Your post has inspired some humorous comments!

  4. I read it and was disgusted, but couldn't pry my eyes away. Eeeewwwwww. LOL

  5. Well, crap.

    I read my super-buddy-blogger's post and Holy Excrement, Batman, 80 comments and growing.

    BTW, I have a rock I call a dino coprolite. It's black and squiggly and quite the conversation piece. While someone is holding and fingering the surface of the thing, I tell them what it is.
    Usually they drop it so I make sure there is a pillow close by.

  6. Hope almost 90 comments lived up to expectations. Yes, no?

  7. It was an interesting topic of discussion. Well written, humorous. Informative. I enjoyed it.