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Aug 17, 2012

Sale on some great historical dark fantasy

My friend and fellow archaeologist Sean McLachlan has cut the prices of his ebooks until the end of August. Yesterday he turned 43 years young and this is his way of celebrating, sort of like a Hobbit birthday where the guests get the presents.

Sean specializes in dark historical fantasy. His Civil War novel A Fine Likeness has been getting great reviews and is now $2.99 instead of $5.99. His short story collection The Night the Nazis Came to Dinner and other dark tales is reduced from $2.99 to $.99. Now's the time to pick up these books, and don't forget the sale that's on from yours truly!

A quick question to my fellow writers out there. I'm considering getting a Goodreads Author account. Is it worth it?


  1. I have a Goodreads account. I suspect that to get anything out of it you'd need to put in a lot more than I have time for.

  2. I happened to peek at Goodreads (a friend posted something to Facebook and I followed the link) the other day, and I did a search for myself. I discovered people were reviewing my books there, people who weren't posting these reviews to Amazon. So, I think I may get an account just so I can start paying attention to traffic I'd otherwise never notice.