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Mar 2, 2012

Down in the Dungeon gets a four-star review!

My latest publication, the short story collection Down in the Dungeon, has received its first review, getting four stars! A.M. Donovan of Night Owl Reviews says:

"This is an enjoyable 50 page collection of short stories by someone who has fond memories of late nights with friends, rolling the dice and using our imaginations. Hey, it worked for Dragon Lance. He reveals a wicked sense of humor while telling stories of battles between good and evil, adventure, skull duggery and daring do. Like with real life, good does not always win, but likewise, sometimes evil does good. Wither to prevent a greater evil (or quite by accident)."

Donovan is right; I did base these tales on teenage memories of fantasy roleplaying, as the back cover blurb attests.

The orcs of Grimwood summon an ancient evil. . .

A mountaineering expedition to retrieve a griffin's egg goes horribly wrong, at least for most of the climbers. . .

A soldier believes his commander is not what he seems. . .

A dungeon door poses a problem for an experienced party of adventurers. . .

A unique trap appears to be inescapable, but for one desperate plan. . .

Here are five tales set in the good old days of fantasy gaming, when friends sat around the kitchen table late into the night rolling dice and sharing adventures. Relive the spirit of the past (or even the present!) with stories of epic combat and base trickery, stories that any adventurer would be proud to tell over a mug of ale at the local tavern. Includes the short story The Trap, co-written with special guest author Tony Rudzki.

Price: $3.99

Word count: 28,427

Available from Writers Exchange Ebooks, Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.


  1. Just bought this! :)

    I think, along with the "Old School Renaissance" movement in pen-and-paper role-playing games, there is (and needs to be) a renaissance in gaming-esque "fan fiction" for lack of a better term. When done right and written well, I think there's certainly a niche market for old-school gaming inspirational tales, similar to what we'd read in those old Dragon magazines.