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Apr 29, 2011

Schedule for Week One of the virtual book tour for Roots Run Deep

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm starting a virtual book tour for my fantasy novel Roots Run Deep. I plan to be on a different blog or website each weekday in May. Most places have already been filled, even some extra weekend days! It's been nice to see how much support the writing community gives to a newbie author like me. Thanks everyone! Here's the schedule for the first week:

Monday, May 2: I'll be doing a special Medieval Mondays post on leather armor for the Midlist Writer. Sean McLachlan, the famous midlister, will be doing a guest post here the same day on his latest book: Medieval Handgonnes: The First Black Powder Infantry Weapons.

Tuesday, May 3: I'll be the guest writer for the Writing and Publishing Yahoo group.

Wednesday, May 4: I'll be joining A.J. Maguire for a roundtable discussion of magic systems in fiction.

Thursday, May 5: I'll be posting on Pete Newarski's blog about goblin cuisine in Roots Run Deep, including mule meat soup and fried rat. Yum!

Friday, May 6: I'll be over at Buried Under Books talking about how much real-world culture should or shouldn't be put into fantasy writing.

Please join me, and check out these great blogs for other interesting posts!


  1. I'll be following since I write historical-ish adventures and early Industrial Revolution tech stories. I have a fantasy novel with Muse and my Iskander series on DDP.

    Christopher Hoare