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Sep 12, 2012

Medieval penny found at Richard III dig

Suspense author Jeremy Bates wanted to see the medieval silver penny that was found at the excavation in Leicester looking for the body of Richard III. Ask, and ye shall receive! This comes courtesy the University of Leicester. Not sure what the date is for this, I'm not much of a numismatist. This is the reverse side and looks like the pennies minted during the reign of Edward IV, who ruled during the troublesome War of the Roses, sitting on the throne twice from 1461-70 and again from 1471-83. The date certainly fits with Richard's burial in 1485. I could be wrong, though.


  1. Misshapen due to weight on it or heat?

    1. Medieval coins were often not perfectly round because of faults in their casting and striking the image on them. Also, they were frequently "shaved"--cutting off a thin slice of metal from one side. Do this with enough coins and you had some extra silver in your pocket! ON this particular coin it looks like on the lower right side a bit has broken off too.